hello, my name is matt o'sullivan and this is my photoblog. thanks for dropping by and i hope you enjoy the pictures.

what is this?

this is me walking around toronto and elsewhere, taking pictures of whatever catches my eye, and keeping busy as a photographer. i started this site in march 2004. mostly everything here was posted within a few days of taking the shot, but sometimes i post random things from the past, or stuff from a roll of film that i find behind the peanut butter.

what do you mean, "the narrative"?

there's no actual intended "narrative", it's just my life and whatever i feel like posting. i registered the domain years ago for a whole different reason, and when i started a photoblog it seemed like a good fit. if you happened to end up here because you searched for "narrative" or "narrative photography", welcome! apparently Narrative Photography is an academic term, with courses offered at finer schools everywhere.

how does this site work?

there are a few ways to look through the various entries:

you can see a bunch of thumbnails of all the photos so far here. (warning: too many thumbnails for one page, really - your browser might get cranky). or, you can view the thumbnails sorted by month here. you can also view all the pictures from the last seven days on one page here.

at any time, you can click on the left side of the picture to see the previous picture, or on the right side to see the next one.

i try to post one or more images every day, but sometimes i don't (edit: i have really slowed down lately, but i'm still alive!). often i'll post a bunch of images on one day.

can i buy a print?

probably. i'm thinking about creating a proper pricelist and offering various sizes and options for prints. for now, if you're interested please get in touch and we can talk. you can email me at matt at the narrative dot net.

how do you take pictures?

i use a few different cameras and lenses (film and digital), a film scanner, and photoshop. pretty much every picture here has been through photoshop for adjustments to colour and contrast.

how do you take pictures of strangers without them running away or punching you in the nose?

they don't mind, usually. if they seem to mind, then i don't take the picture. sometimes i ask first, sometimes i don't. once you start doing it, it gets easier and easier. if you want to take pictures of people in public places, just try it and see what happens. it's easier than you think. just be respectful and confident, and smile a lot.

i want a photoblog too! can you help?

sure, but i am very busy and have the memory of a goldfish. if you have specific questions about using movable type, or css, or php, or anything else about making a photoblog, feel free to drop me a line and i'll see what i can do to help.

what else do you do?

i am a film industry technician and freelance photographer. for most of the year i spend hours and hours a day on film sets, operating computers and projectors. when not on set, i like to travel. i also shoot a lot of weddings, and occasionally production stills on set.

i also make and operate interactive animations that play for camera on computer screens in motion pictures.

As well, for the last decade i've been working as a social media consultant, and providing web safety awareness services to internet community sites targeted at teens.

can i hire you to take pictures, or just say hi, or something?

yes! drop a line to:

matt at the narrative dot net

just make that look like a real email address.

can i steal your images and use them for whatever i like?

no! but, if you ask first i am generally very accommodating. write me: matt at the narrative dot net.

i'd love to hear from you if you have any questions or comments. i'm usually pretty bad at replying to the comments posted on the individual photographs here on the site, but i do read my mail and will always reply to email.

thanks for visiting!